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LocationStaffordshire, England

Smoked a tobacco pipe, on and off infrequently since about 1990( Although I did make homemade pipes from bits of wood as young as 10 yrs old and smoked tea in them!!!)

I never really understood or appreciated what pipe smoking was about until I gave up smoking cigarettes in2003.

Pipe smoking is the only way for me to totally relax and escape from the stresses of the modern world.

My mum gave me my first pipe for my 19th birthday, in 1989. It was the Falcon international with a rustic bulldog bowl which I still have and keep at work, so use almost daily.

Bensons & hedges straight, apple bowl gold colour mount, was my grandfathers.

Rustic reject straight, was my grand fathers.

Ducan nubent rustic, was my Fathers.

Falcon International bent with rustic Bulldog bowl. 1990

Falcon bent with smooth Dover Bowl

Falcon extra straight with meerschaum lined Dublin bowl I use to try new tobaccos

Peterson system 303. chrismas 2012

Peterson Kildare 999 Sterling silver mount treat 2009

Peterson flame grain shape 86. treat 2013

Dr Plum Dinky 9mm 2009

Big Ben 650 midnight with 925 silver spigot. 2009

corn cob. replaced when required

Unbranded small army mount pipe that looks like a small Peterson 303. cost about £3- 20 years ago and smokes surprisingly well.


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