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I primarily smoke English/Balkan blends, but I'll smoke most anything. PS Luxury Bullseye Coin was wormed its way into my cellar, and I really do enjoy Escudo. Elizabethan Mixture is another VaPer I really enjoyed. I'm buying more and more VaPers these days, and I quite enjoy them in our mild Northern Summers.

My brother has very similar tastes to me, but he smokes aromatics more often then I, and so I smoke them periodically as well. As far as Aromatics go, I only buy C&D Autumn Evening regularly. Ashton Rainy day is a summer favorite as well when the Aro Itch strikes.

I smoke English in a Peterson Donegal Rocky 6 plip, or a Brigham Mountaineer Billiard.
I smoke VaPers in a custom pipe by Joshua Ronish.

Aro's in a BC Granite Canadian stem.


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Date Blend Reviews Avg Rating
2018-10-16 Bengal Slices - Bengal Slices (re-release) 65 ★★★★ 3.3
2018-10-16 Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding 188 ★★★★ 3.5
2018-10-19 Solani - 779: English Mixture 57 ★★★★ 3.0


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Date Blend Reviews Helpful Rating Avg Rating
2022-07-08 Bengal Slices - Bengal Slices White 12 0 ★★★★ ★★★★ 3.8
2022-05-13 Seattle Pipe Club - Mississippi River Special Reserve 17 0 ★★★☆ ★★★★ 3.4
2018-07-10 Bengal Slices - Bengal Slices (re-release) 65 8 ★★★★ ★★★★ 3.3