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Water Coded with "NICE" Makes Good Stuff HAPPEN

Peterson Rustic Bent was my first pipe in 1968 when i started college at Acadia University to play football as a starting linebacker and wound up with a B.Sc. Chemistry and a B.Ed. in Special Education.

Temperament is cussed, tacturn, obstinate and insightful

As is my traditional moniker, and attempt at wry humor, to bring some levity to each and every day, because the illusion can be such a pain in the butt, let me leave you with this:

Remember, this IS a false-dimension… so laughing at the comedy of it all is a good thing.

When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and let them wonder how you did it. #WhatIsNeededRule

And with that, may I once again raise a toast to Mirthful Irreverence Everywhere.

The Only thing that is important, and the only thing that is your business, is to do what you enjoy doing.

DO what you enjoy doing.
When you do what you enjoy doing; you can not be frustrated.
When you do what you enjoy doing; you can not produce energy-containment in your body.
When you do what you enjoy doing; you can not contribute to density in this illusion, just as the PLANET is shedding density at an ever increasing pace.



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