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This delicious double burley blend is smooth and flavorful with a nutty taste and natural sweetness.

BrandD & R Tobacco
Blended ByMark Ryan
Manufactured ByDaughters & Ryan
Blend TypeBurley Based
Packaging40 grams tin, 3.5 ounce tub, 16 ounce bag
ProductionCurrently available
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None Detected
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Pleasant to Tolerable, Tolerable
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Pipestud Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Pipestud (1829)
Medium to Strong None Detected Mild Pleasant

I'm not sure what "Double Burly" means in the TRC descriptive, but it certainly is all burly in looks, appearance and taste. Quite nutty and quite strong; this is a fast burning tobacco that I think would be a power boost to other blends if used with a light touch. It does not really impart anything but a Burly flavor and may easily absorb the flavor of other types of leaf. I'm going to give that a try. I liked Two Timer, and my only advice is to puff this one slowly.


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JimInks Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
JimInks (3047)
Mild to Medium None Detected Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

The double toasted burleys are toasty, woody, earthy, and very nutty with a little cocoa. While it may be used as a RYO, it’s does well as a pipe tobacco product with the nic-hit being a step past the center of mild to medium. The taste is medium, and the strength is almost that. Puffed at a moderate rate, it’ll mostly keep its flavor, and not get harsh. Puffed fast, you risk a couple of cigarette notes, and a hint of a harsh one. It won't bite, but does sport a rough edge at times. Has no casing or topping. Burns quickly, but not hot, and clean with a very consistent flavor as it easily burns to ash. Leaves almost no moisture in the bowl, and requires very few relights. Has a lightly lingering, pleasant after taste. An uncomplicated all day smoke with some punch that does even better with a very light hydration. Also makes a good mixer. Three and a half stars.


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Highlander Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Highlander (6)
Mild to Medium None Detected Medium Strong

If you are a burley fan, then this is straight burley without embellishment. Smell out of the tin is delightful. It requires only a bit of drying right out of the tin and has a nice rough cut. Lots of smoke with a dryish, solid flavor. It smokes down to ash though, depending on how you pack it, it can require several relights.

I enjoy it, not as an everyday smoke, but as a solid jolt of burley when I'm in the mood.

Pipe Used: Various

Age When Smoked: New

Purchased From: Pipes and Cigars

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fr_tom Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
fr_tom (393)
Mild to Medium None Detected Mild to Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

The cut is an irregular mostly chopped medium to wide ribbon. It comes from the tub in what I would consider the dry side of ideal. I smoked it as delivered and packed it somewhat firmly. Before the tub is gone, I will probably try hydrating it a little. Adding some moisture really transformed Cockstrong, and it might be of benefit here as well.

This was a pleasant burley smoke. It is slightly bitter with a sour edge and has the expected woody/nutty flavors. It is easy to keep lit. It is not particularly complex and it does not seem to be fussy about puffing cadence. It smoked fairly cool for me

There is some cocoa casing in the pouch note, but I did not pick it up in the flavor. It has a distinctive nose tickle when snorked.

This was pleasant but not very exciting. It would make a great smoke for a commute. There enough to maintain interest, but you are not going to get palate fatigue. This is a solid 3 on the rating scale.

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Gothicmace Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Gothicmace (16)
Medium None Detected Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

While exploring my recent fasination with shag cut tobacco, I came up on Daughters & Ryan blends. After reading the first review here on Two Timer, I decided to try both the regular and gold with my next order from P&C. I am happy to say that this was a great discovery. The regular Two Timer is fantastic.. what I would envision as a blend shared around a camp fire with a strong cup of cook stove coffee while Generals viewed the maps of the current Civil War campaign. Straight forward blend but with a good amount of body and natural burley flavor. I then tried the TT Gold which has just a bit of Virginia added for a bit more sweetness. This along with the regular have become my planned and anticipated first pipe of the day. It is hard to pick between the two.. so some days I just immediately fill up a second bowl with the sister blend and go back out on my front porch and enjoy the morning and my pipe and coffee. I find this to just be a great morning blend and the Gold is great as a good all day non flavored non nonsense smoke as well. Two Thumbs up. If you have never tried this, you owe it to yourself to get a few ounces and enjoy. Happy Smoking Cheers Mike

Pipe Used: MM County Gent & Dr. G Omega

Age When Smoked: 1 month

Purchased From: Pipes & Cigars

Similar Blends: Two Timer and Two Timer Gold are in a league all of there own. This is good stuff!!.

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paulw Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
paulw (76)
Medium Medium Mild to Medium Very Pleasant

Outstanding burley blend.What you see is is what you get with this.The aroma from the tin is heavenly burley.The smoke is straight forward burley and the room note is very pleasant.To top off a fantastic blend I got to buy a tin off of Mr Mark Ryan himself the president of Daughters and Ryan what a fine gentleman!I will buy again thank you Mark!

Pipe Used: irish free state peterson 120 shape

Age When Smoked: new tin

Purchased From: Daughters and Ryan

Similar Blends: Lane's lite and mild burley blend but much better!.

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King Weed Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
King Weed (228)
Medium None Detected Mild Unnoticeable

This is the third of three multi-bowl samples I was given at the late-middle-age-to-geriatric pipe smokers get together I attended recently. We swapped blend samples around and this one seemed odd to me right away. It was much lighter in color than any other samples on the table and I asked as to what it was. The answer was "Daughters and Ryan Two Timer". I was also informed that it was a "Burley Blend" made with two different Burley tobaccos. I examined it more closely and sniffed the bag. Right away I didn't understand, as the appearance was not like other Burley blends I had examined. It was very light in color for a Burley and did not appear to me to be of a uniform consistency as one would expect from the verbal description I had been given. There was a rather unexpectedly thin aroma from the bag where one might expect something more robust. Later I loaded up a pipe that could be relied on for a good test smoke and began to find out what this curious tobacco smoked like. It was a disappointing experience, in general, and also as compared to other Burley blends I have smoked over the decades I have been smoking a pipe. It was best in the middle third, less so in the top third and downright tasteless in the bottom third. At no time did it ever reach a level of taste and aroma that I, and many others, associate with good and solid Burley blends. It was weak, thin and grass-like all the way through the bowl. All of this stands in stark contrast to the glowing praises given this blend by our other four reviewers and I respect them and believe them to be reporting accurately. I just wish they had smoked what I had been given to smoke. I am confident their collective reactions would not have been so positive. So, now we are back to this - did these seasoned veteran smokers smoke a different blend from me? Was there something wrong with my sample (it was taken from a two pound bag of bulk)? Did I miss something? Adopting the reviewer Tall Puff o Burley rule, it wasn't actually offensive or anything and that yields two stars.

Pipe Used: Northern Briars 4-panel Dublin (2009 NASPC pipe)

Age When Smoked: current

Purchased From: gifted from a fellow pipe smoker

Similar Blends: a stronger Three Castles maybe?.

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Jorge Soler Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Jorge Soler (203)
Medium to Strong None Detected Medium to Full Tolerable to Strong

Probably one of the best straight burley blends I ever had. Not as citrusy as Two Timer Gold, but it has a nice tang to it. It is nutty and chocolatey and unusually sweet for a burley blend. I can see how this tobacco might appeal to those pipe smokers who don't even like burley tobacco. The quality of the leaf is at par with everything D&R produces, and no casing is added to the formula. As you progress with your smoke it gets nuttier and creamier, but does not develop sharp edges like other burley blends do. The tin note has got a slightly sweet note, but sadly enough, it won't show in your room-note, which is cigaretteish, so be prepared for a good rap from your wife. It pairs rather well with coffee, but it is not quite full-body. Nicotine wise, it is medium to strong, but this will depend on your nicotine tolerance as a whole. I am not sure if this flavour profile is achieved with the double roasted process or if it is an intrinsic property of the strain, but it is quite remarkable for a burley blend. I am overtly excited, so 4 stars from me this time.

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A. Dyer Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
A. Dyer (19)
Medium to Strong None Detected Medium Pleasant

Just a great double toasted Burley - high grade leaf and no additives. As has been already well documented - nutty, woody and a little earthiness, raisins and hint of sweetness. A great blender. I've also found this really is the one to use if you wish to try and recreate the original Lucky Strike and other old brand flavours, before cigarette companies started using the worst possible cuts of cheap leaf and lacing them with a vast cocktail of additives, preservatives and added free-base nicotine.

Pipe Used: Peterson Ashford and also tubes

Purchased From: Daughters & Ryan

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Poodlejuice Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Poodlejuice (51)
Medium None Detected Medium Tolerable

Comes very dry, but plenty smokable. Like others I prefer to rehydrate a little bit at a time for a slightly slower and cooler smoke.

Nutty, toasty and savory burley notes with a touch of VA sourness and a bit of bread. This stuff seems simultaneously easy, clean and simple, yet has a bit of complexity, at least more so than your typical topped and cased burley blend. There are some rough edges but In all the right ways, adding a nice bit of edge and character. Medium body and strength. Burns fast, but easily. Could easily be an all day smoke.

Don't sleep on this stuff, or daughters and Ryan in general, especially if your a fan of Cornell & Deihl, non-"essence" Gawith and hoggarth, and/or uncased and raw tobacco blends. This is great, rough-and-tumble, all-day, dirt cheap smoking material here.

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Jon Benett Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Jon Benett (3)
Medium None Detected Mild to Medium Tolerable

Love this blend! I slightly hydrated; comes very dry. Smells heavenly after adding moisture. I enjoy it more each time I smoke. Pure burley with no toppings. If you are a burley guy this is for you.

Pipe Used: Country Gentleman Cob

Age When Smoked: New

Purchased From: P&C

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Gr8tefuldawg Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Gr8tefuldawg (87)
Medium None Detected Medium Tolerable

I bought this as D&R has since been bought by another company, however I failed to do any research and reading and was a little surprised when I found this was a ribbon and not cube cut burley.

The blend is straight burley, nutty and full flavored. I think this could be used as something to add body to a aromatic blend. This comes completely dry and is ready to smoke out of the tin.

I find this one to be nice at times and other times its harsh and dull. This one can burn hot if pushed to much.

I have 2 oz of this and that will be enough to last me a good while, as this will be an occasional smoke.

If you like un-processed burley with nothing additional added go for it, most likely though you will need to buy all 16 oz of it.

Pipe Used: Chacom billiard, Rossi 320

Age When Smoked: 3 years

Purchased From:

Similar Blends: D & R Tobacco - Two Timer Gold.

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