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A classic inspired by traditional Balkan blends of aged Virginias, Yenidje, and generous helpings of Cyprian Latakia. This is one of Georgetown Tobacco's original blends from our founding year of 1964 and our most popular English mixture.

BrandGeorgetown Tobacco
Blend TypeBalkan
ContentsLatakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia
CutCoarse Cut
ProductionCurrently available
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Mild to Medium
None Detected, Very Mild
Room Note
Pleasant, Tolerable
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JimInks Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
JimInks (2940)
Mild to Medium Very Mild Mild to Medium Pleasant

The smokey, woody sweet Cyprian latakia has a fair amount of richness in a major role, though this is not a lat-bomb. The aged Virginias provide some grass and citrus, a bit of fruit and a little earth. They form the base of the blend for the other components while ably providing their own characteristics. The yenidje adds a woody dryness with very slight sweet note in a back up role. I think there’s a very mild fruity topping that kind of reminds me of sweet rum, though that’s not what it is. Well balanced with a little complexity, you’ll notice all the aspects that the tobaccos have to offer in every puff. The taste is just shy of the medium threshold. The nic-hit is mild. Won’t bite and has no dull or harsh moments. Burns at a moderate pace, cool, clean and with a smooth, consistent flavor. Easily burns to ash with few relights. Leaves just a little moisture in the bowl. The after taste pleasantly lingers just a little. An all day semi-sweet English.


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Pipepundit Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Pipepundit (168)
Mild to Medium None Detected Medium Pleasant

A good, solid bulk Balkan/English. The Yenidje is not quite the same as used in Balkan Sobranie, but serviceable nevertheless. The balance of the mixture leans towards the virginias and the latakia, with the orientals playing second (or should one say third?) fiddle. This is not my first choice in the genre, but I smoke my diminishing stock happily from time to time.

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slightlyfermentedvirginiaflake Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
slightlyfermentedvirginiaflake (11)
Medium Mild Medium Tolerable

This blend is not unlike the typical Balkan blends on the market (as the description indicates). This blend is smooth, mellow, subtly sweet, and with no bite. The Turkish tobaccos do not overpower; a very successful blend. For the English lover, this blend could be a "go to" tobacco and an all day companion. There is nothing really outstanding here, just a good solid English. However, if one is looking for a reliable English, this tobacco is worth trying. I am not sure the blend is much different than the English blends you might find at your local tobacconist. So, I probably will not be mail-ordering this tobacco. However, if you are in Washington DC and happen to purchase a few ounces of this blend, I strongly recommend airing out the tobacco for 30 minutes to an hour. Every aspect of this blend was enhanced by lowering the moisture content. What seemed to be only an acceptable tobacco became much more delightful after airing.

In conclusion, if you happen through Washington DC try some but don't expect a revelation of earth-shattering proportions... Just a good solid English that is worth smoking.

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Emeritus Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Emeritus Account (30116)
Mild to Medium None Detected Medium to Full Tolerable

I found this to be one of the better bulk blends out there. It is rich, yet smooth.Not much of a nicotine content at all but it is very satisfying in the flavor dept. Along the lines of P&W English blend without the bite and strength. A real keeper for Balkan lovers. A solid 3 stars.

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Emeritus Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Emeritus Account (30116)
Medium Very Mild Full Tolerable to Strong

I like this blend a lot - I only bought 2 oz. a few years back while visiting the D.C. area, but have long thought about going online and stocking up on this by the pound. It is cheap ($7.25 for 2 oz.) but tastes as good as some "gourmet" tinned blends that cost twice as much IMHO. It has a smokey perfume quality that I love (the Latakia + Oriental leaf I would guess?) and changes its flavor from subtle to full as it smoked down the bowl. Delicious and complex.

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pipesofpeace Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
pipesofpeace (9)
Extremely Mild Extremely Mild Extremely Mild (Flat) Pleasant to Tolerable

I expected an interesting play of flavors of this blend considering the smells coming out from the pouch, which were very strong. But in the pipe this tobacco turns into a flat, totally lack of flavor and body. A real dissapointment. Same thing i can say about Shenandoah and Persuation.

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