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A rich aroma, heady and vibrant, envelopes you. Dark sweetness, laced with tones of leather and subtle spice, rises up from a gentle ember, illuminating the surrounding darkness. As the tiny coal fades, the fragrance lingers, its phantom tendrils curling, beckoning you further into the returning shadows.

Notes: Conjured by the diabolical minds of Warped Cigars' founder and President, Kyle Gellis, and Jeremy Reeves, Head Blender of Cornell & Diehl pipe tobacco, The Haunting is comprised of the finest Virginia tobaccos and AA grade Dominican Criollo cigar leaf, the same varietal that Warped uses in many of their staple cigar lines. It's the first pipe tobacco from Warped, and upholds Kyle's reputation for prioritizing strict standards, quality components, and nuanced flavors.

Aligning well with Warped's "be exclusively different" mantra, The Haunting is unlike many other cigar leaf-based pipe tobaccos, which often contain Latakia — instead, The Haunting consists primarily of cigar leaf and Virginia tobaccos, showcasing the delicious cigar notes and complementary sweetness of the Virginias. It's a blend that bridges the gap between cigars and pipes, catering to cigar and pipe smokers alike.

Blended ByCornell & Diehl
Blend TypeCigar Leaf Based
ContentsCigar Leaf, Virginia
Packaging2 oz. Tin
ProductionCurrently available
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Medium to Strong
None Detected
Medium to Full
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Pleasant to Tolerable
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King Weed (228)
Medium to Strong None Detected Medium to Full Pleasant to Tolerable

Making an end run around the arcane symbols and words on the label, what you have here is a scarce item in the pipe blend world. Here we have a cigar leaf blend whose base is comprised of Virginias and, that's it; no Latakia, no Perique, no black Cavendish, no Burley, no nothing. Think back to when was the last time you smoked this type of blend? I can't say for sure that I have. So, let's find out what The Haunting has to show us. The opening revealed a blond/red/medium brown ribbon cut that illustrates this simple blend's ingredients; blond and red Virginias and cigar leaf. The tin aroma, however, was predominately Virginia with something else spicing it up. The moisture level was from light up now to slight air out and I gave mine about thirty minutes. The smoking profile was identical in each pipe I smoked it in. The top thirds were simply four star material and were dominated by the quality Virginias with a slight nuance of cigar leaf. They were some of the best Virginia-based smokes I've ever had. In the middle thirds, an equilibrium between the two tobacco types is reached and you have your first taste of a Virginia/cigar leaf fifty-fifty blend. In the bottom thirds, the cigar leaf dominates until you are, basically, smoking a cigar. Now, to some of us this won't be positive while to others of us it will be okay and novel. I'm in the latter category. I began to use The Haunting in blending and that was quite positive. I am highly recommending this blend to fellow smokers at four stars and feel that this blend is a progenitor of the varietal cigar leaf blends we have in abundance today.

Pipe Used: Ashton ELX Sovereign Billiard

Age When Smoked: tinned 10/8/20

Purchased From: gifted at our NASPC show

Similar Blends: To the best of my memory, I've never smoked this type of cigar leaf blend in sixty-one years of pipe smoking enjoyment..

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