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Greetings Pipe Puffers Everywhere! Welcome to TobaccoReviews, the most comprehensive pipe tobacco review resource you will find on earth, online or off. This database was built over many years by contributors from all over the world, and it now contains more than 84,000 reviews, with more being added every day.

I can attest personally to the power and usefulness of TobaccoReviews. I smoked pipes off and on since I was a teenager, but for years I got stuck on cigarettes to the exclusion of all else. Pipe smoking finally got me away from cigarettes; but when I was ready to return to the pipe, I knew I wanted to smoke only the very best tobaccos, and I wondered what those might be. So I Googled "pipe tobacco reviews" and found this site.

I noticed that the search tools let me display only the highest-rated tobaccos, and then to sort those by number of reviews. So right off the bat, I knew which tobaccos were four-star rated, with the most reviewers saying so. Immediately, then, TobaccoReviews showed me what were, according to the many users here, the highest-rated tobaccos in the world.

Click on the Search tab to get started with basic searches. But notice on the main search page, down underneath the Advanced search heading, the small-print link that says "Show more search fields…" There's real magic in that link -- the power to slice and dice your searches by more than 20 different criteria. In short, TobaccoReviews is both user-friendly and incredibly powerful.

You will have even better success locating tobacco blends you'll love once you have learned the tastes of some of our more prolific reviewers. Spot the reviewers who rate your favorite blends highly, and chances are their other reviews can guide you to worthwhile blends that maybe you haven't tried yet.

We fairly often hear from newcomers asking us to sell them tobacco. Of course, we do not sell tobacco -- but quite a few popular blends here feature links to retailers where you can buy.

If this is your first visit, please take a little time exploring and learning the features this site offers. We hope you will register and begin adding your own reviews. Every new member strengthens the database, and the community.

Pipe smoking is growing again, and TobaccoReviews is growing with it. We are living in a Golden Age of pipe-tobacco blending, with endless choices to satisfy pipe smokers of every taste. Let TobaccoReviews help keep you informed about blends new and old, even as you help keep the rest of us informed by way of your own reviews. Happy puffing!

William C. Nelson